When you’re already number one, who can take your game to the next level?
Sony partnered with Rapid Displays for the record-breaking launch of PlayStation 4.

Playstation 4

New Product Launch


  1. Sony previewed the new fully interactive displays more than a month before the sales date

  2. Rapid was challenged to design, produce and deploy a family of interactive displays at stores in the U.S., Canada and Latin American countries

  3. Economies, maintenance, adaptability and updateability were crucial elements for this display

  4. Displays must reflect the design cues taken from the form factor and appeal to the target audience


  1. The display was designed alongside the final product

  2. Twenty-one injection-molded parts were used

  3. Three full production lines were in operation

  4. Designed to be in compliance for multiple retailers

  5. Delivered as “plug and play”


  1. Facilitated the biggest game console launch ever

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