Tired of an endless parade of corrugated disposable shippers?
Logitech challenged Rapid Display’s professional team to build a promotional display for their iPad keyboards and cases.


Best Buy Floor Display


  1. A display tough enough to survive rugged retail environment yet flexible enough to be updateable
  2. Display was tasked to entice consumers to get “hands on” with the Logitech products
  3. Cost and ease of installation


  1. All elements were fine-tuned to improve yield and reduce cost
  2. A creative structural solution eliminated costly brackets and simplified assembly
  3. Custom corner graphic extrusion to carry changeable graphics
  4. Fully assembled, palletized and shipped


  1. Displays have remained in stores through two waves of iPad products
  2. "Hands-on" keyboard displays took the brand to a #1 market share in the category

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