How to make a major retailer’s holiday wishes come true?
Rapid’s “Dream” design for Kohl’s lit up the store with holiday cheer.


Holiday Highlights


  1. Welcome holiday shoppers with festive and lighted holiday entry signage that ties in with Kohl’s “Dream” theme
  2. Set the holiday tone for the rest of the store and the consumer’s shopping experience


  1. An illuminated snowflake design was created and included imagery of items offered throughout Kohl’s
  2. Signs were shipped assembled and ready-to-install using existing hanger hardware


  1. Kohl’s Lighted “Dream” Signage was a big success with all 1155 stores receiving their sets before the holiday launch date
  2. Kohl’s was so pleased with the program that another “Dream” sign was added to each location. Not one failure of the signage was reported

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