What’s the opposite of “hands off?”
Callaway wanted golfers to be “hands-on” with their new line of Bertha Drivers and Rapid’s innovative semi-permanent display sent just the right message.

Callaway Drivers

Floor Display


  1. A temporary display suitable for any golf retailer
  2. The display needed to have a premium look, ship fully assembled and had to fit in a small footprint
  3. The clubs had to be easy for consumers to remove for a test swing and easy to replaceon the stand


  1. Rapid designed the display to use a combination of litho-mounted corrugate and heat-bent sintra
  2. Litho-mounted components were designed to fit a specific sheet size to control costs
  3. Display was assembled with tape instead of traditional tab locks, reducing assembly labor while increasing the strength and overall clean look


  1. 700 displays were produced, shipped direct to stores and placed successfully
  2. Locations with the display exceeded sales expectations by as much as 35% in select locations

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