1400 all-new upscaled displays designed, created, and delivered in 9 weeks?
There’s a reason our name is Rapid Displays.


Marquee Fixture


  1. Make a high-end, higher priced brand stand out in a crowded paint department

  2. New permanent fixture to hold same number of chips in an eight-inch narrower space

  3. Require less than four hours assembly time

  4. Produce and deliver 1400 units in nine weeks


  1. Innovated a new “Marquee Vortex” chip layout with an new exciting look

  2. Designed to hit a budget and tight timeline

  3. Rapid’s global logistic expertise was deployed to produce 600 units in the U.S. and 800 units overseas, saving costs and meeting Behr’s tight timeline


  1. 1400 displays delivered in 9 weeks

  2. Install man-hours were one-half of allotment

  3. Sales results exceeded expectations

Too Faced Cosmetics

Ketel One

Jack Daniel's