The perfect solution for the perfect shave.
Rapid’s holiday promotional display package for The Art of Shaving lead mall shoppers into the stores for a great holiday shopping experience.

The Art of Shaving

Holiday Promotion


  1. The Art of Shaving needed a seasonal promotional display package to make their store stand out from the holiday crowd and entice shoppers to come inside for a unique shopping experience
  2. Store employees would be doing the installation so the package had to be very easy-to-put up


  1. A beautiful package of holiday elements where designed which reinforced the brand
  2. Elements were made of temporary materials
  3. Each element required minimal skill to install
  4. The wreath was shipped fully assembled with hanging hardware


  1. The company credits the ease-of-execution to a very high participation rate among their stores
  2. The Art of Shaving saw record-breaking sales during the holiday period



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