You were a show-stopper at the Apple Keynote. What’s your next move?
Dazzle the world with a show-stopping interactive retail display.

Anki Drive

Best Buy Endcap


  1. Introduce the world to an all-new product that reinvents how people play through robotics

  2. Appeal to a very broad targeted market

  3. Educate the consumer about how Anki Drive works

  4. Accommodate a large volume of product, adaptable and easily updatable


  1. Created a multi-media display to introduce consumers to all aspects of the world of Anki Drive

  2. Exciting and updatable video content on LCD screen

  3. Brought together multiple materials and technologies in a concentrated display area

  4. LCD screen, sound, motion sensor, backlighting, and product showcasing as well as product storage


  1. Shipped with zero damage and zero returns

  2. The Anki Drive product launch was a great success

Playstation 4


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